Frequently Asked Questions

Genetic tests analyze your genes and DNA to reveal the blueprint that your body is built on. It can reveal invaluable information such as disease risk, physical traits such as metabolism, skin type, muscle type and even certain traits such as memory performance, and arithmetic abilities.

Your DNA will not change during your lifetime (except under extreme circumstances). Thus, you need to only take the test once in your lifetime.

Yes, you can take the test while pregnant. Your DNA results will not change due to your pregnancy and poses no harm to the child.

We have implemented an exceptionally secure environment to make sure that your personal and genetic information is safely stored and managed. User Data are securely stored onĀ certified servers located within Singapore and we areĀ follow complete statutes of the Ministry of Health, Singapore. Our servers are secured with SHA-256 and RSA encryption end-to-end and we function at all times under complete GDPR compliance.

After analyzing your DNA, Microbiome and Saliva Hormone data, we store your personal and genetic information for a maximum of one year, from the time of the results delivery. You can access your results at any time during this period. You can also send us your request to delete your personal and genetic information after the test, and we will process to delete this information once the request has been made.

DNA, Microbiome and Saliva Hormone samples are tested in a secure third-party testing lab in Singapore.

As the sample owner, you control who can see your results. If you are a minor, your test must be initiated with written consent by your parent or legal guardian who becomes the account manager. The account manager controls who can see your results.