DNA Test

  • Food recommendations
  • Personal traits, perception and appearance characteristics
  • Future disease risks
  • Food intake guidance 
  • Your personalized dietary advice

Microbiome Test

  • Gut healthiness analysis 
  • Dietary fiber breakdown and butyrate synthesis
  • Personalized food recommendations
  • Probiotics and beneficial bacteria report
  • Protection from obesity, diabetes type II

Saliva Hormone Test

  • Diabetes and other risk analysis
  • Muscle mass analysis
  • Weight loss, sleep and Skin
  • Veggies and fruits recommendations 
  • Personalized food recommendation with quantity

Great athletes meet great Science

The healthcare system today is reactive and set up to suppress symptoms. We beleive that the focus should be on the cause. We are a passionate team of researches, scientists and enterpreneurs focused on a molecular level, targeting the underlying cause of illness and empowering every human to take ownership of his or her own health. We started with the microbiome, the body’s richest source of microbes, because of its impact on nearly every chronic disease.

All from home. No blood. No needles. Just a small sample.

3 Steps. It’s Simple

Privacy protection

“Your medical and personal data are safe at every stage, from ordering your kit to receiving results. “

How we protect your privacy?

User Data are securely stored on certified servers located within Singapore

SHA-256 with RSA Encryption

Full GDPR compliance

The combination of DNA, Hormone and Microbiome Tests

provides you with personal insights on how to improve your performance,
reduce injuries and lead a healthy lifestyle

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